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Roadside Tree

Tue Jan 31, 2017

On my way home from Grenada I spotted this tree out in the middle of a field so stopped and took a couple of photos of it. I love to find "Lonely" trees when I'm out and about, and it's often rare to...

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Middle of the Square - Calhoun City

Sat Oct 24, 2015

I made a whirlwind tour through Monroe, Chickasaw, and Calhoun Counties earlier this year on a very dreary drizzly day as you can see from the photo, but the good thing about that weather is that it...

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Calhoun City

Sun May 31, 2015

Enjoy this shot from Calhoun City!

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Shops on the Square - Calhoun City

Wed Apr 29, 2015

Enjoyed visiting the square in Calhoun City. I love town squares and how it concentrates everything into one spot which is nice for small local shops that add character to the heart of the town. Both...

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