White Church

Fri Aug 4, 2017

This beautiful old church is located in the small town of carrollton, just west of Winona on Hwy. 45 not too far East of the Mississippi Delta. These old churches are great and really add character...

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Tue Jul 18, 2017

I got a lot of positive feedback after announcing that this site will be going away soon. To clear up any confusion, I am not giving up photography, nor am I going to stop taking photos in different...

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Gray Bale

Tue Feb 21, 2017

As I have mentioned before, I edit my photos in Adobe Lightroom, and in Lightroom you can load presets created by other people and you can also create your own presets and save them for later use....

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Big Tree

Sat Jul 2, 2016

Here's a nice scene from Carroll County about a mile off of hwy. 45. Decided to take a backroad and see what was there and I found this field full of hay bails and this one big tree all alone by a...

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Episcopal Church - Carrollton

Sun Aug 30, 2015

This was a very interesting church building. When I was walking towards I actually thought it was a house. It has a nice wrought iron fence around it and the architecture looks like something from a...

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Carrollton Presbyterian Church - Carrollton

Sun Aug 2, 2015

I loved this old church in downtown Carrollton on the square. I love to see these old places of worship kept up in downtown areas and squares. It adds to the charm of small towns. There was also an...

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Green Field - Carroll County

Sun Jul 19, 2015

I took this photo pretty early in the morning. Unfortunately it was really cloudy but the sun was peeking through just enough to add some flare to the scene. The field was so green and beautiful...

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Hay Bale in Carroll County

Fri Jul 10, 2015

Last Friday I took advantage of my day off to ride through Montgomery and Carroll Counties. I ventured off the highway and found a huge farm with lots of open land so I kept stopping on the side of...

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