Sun Sep 3, 2017

I really though this building was cool when I was walking around the downtown area. It sits in front of the Dr. A.H. McCoy federal building. I'm not sure what this little buildingi s used for as it...

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Building on the Corner

Fri Sep 1, 2017

I took this photo in downtown Jackson a couple of years ago on a dreary Saturday. Thankfully, is often not the case, there were not power lines in every direction. My edit on this kind of throws back...

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Black & White Corner

Sun Jul 2, 2017

This building is just down the street from the building in yesterday's photo. This building appears to be a lot newer...

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Building on the Corner

Sat Jul 1, 2017

While wondering around on foot ind downtown Jackson one dreary Saturday I came into this part of the city next to the Capitol building and reallly loved...

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Three Doors

Thu Jun 29, 2017

I ran across this old church in downtown Jackson one day when I was out shooting. I remembered this church because I went to a wedding there once quite a...

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Capitol St.

Wed Jan 25, 2017

Here is a shot I took while exploring the area around the Governor's Mansion in downtown Jackson. It was a drizzly Saturday and there was almost no one out and about so it made for some nice shots...

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Wed Jan 18, 2017

Here is a photo from downtown Jackson with lots of clean round lines and nice reflective windows.

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Capitol Dome

Fri Dec 30, 2016

The last time I was in Jackson they were doing extensive work on the dome of the State Capitol Building so it was completely surrounded by scaffolding, which although it looked cool, it hid the real...

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Capitol Lights

Thu Dec 22, 2016

I got up really early this morning because I wanted to head to Canton to see their Christmas light display, which I heard were really great. Unfortunately they do not have them on early in the...

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Mon Jul 25, 2016

I took this photo at the corner in front of the Governor's Mansion in downtown Jackson. I really liked these buildings and the greenery that surrounded them. Once again, this block was very quiet on...

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