County Courthouse

Thu Sep 8, 2016

Here one Jones County's courthouses located in Ellisville. Ellisville and Laurel are both county seats, so I assume there is also a courthouse in Laurel. This is located on Ellisville's square which...

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KaRock's Chicken

Mon Sep 5, 2016

It's unfortunate that many times, when I'm traveling through towns and photographing various places, the restaurants are closed. These little local joints usually have pretty good food, and I hate...

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Laurel Furniture

Wed Apr 13, 2016

Downtown Laurel is a pretty cool place and I took this photo on my first every visit to that part of Laurel, though I've driven through Laurel many times, but only on the highway. I'm sure...

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Moving Sky - Laurel

Mon Jan 18, 2016

If you go back and read my early blog posts on this site (it's been almost a year now, by the way) you will see that I don't have expensive eqipment. In fact I have not even invested $1000 in my...

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White Church - Ellisville

Sun Oct 25, 2015

I really liked this church, especially against the clouds in the sky. The bell tower on the church is really nice. It is so intersting to see the different types of architecture used on churches...

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First National Bank - Laurel

Wed Aug 26, 2015

Laurel has a great downtown full of nice architecture. Most Mississippi downtowns have an old bank building (sometimes not used as banks anymore) and they always look so sturdily built and secure...

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Downtown Laurel

Sun Aug 16, 2015

I really loved the downtown area of Laurel and its brick streets. Next time I'm there I plan to just get out and walk the whole downtown and get more photos. Very cool place.

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Arabian Theater - Laurel

Tue Jul 21, 2015

I thought this was nice scene in this courtyard area entrance to the theater. I would love to see the inside.

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Downtown Fountain - Laurel

Thu Jul 16, 2015

I love Laurel's downtown area. Lots of historic buildings and brick streets. Next time I'm there I'd like to just take a walk around and get more photographs. It's my favorite thing to do, when time...

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