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Monochrome Curves

Fri Apr 1, 2016

This is the top of the Hunter Henry Center at Mississippi State. I really love this photo, especially in black & white. I think it's an example of how moving in on a subject and only showing a...

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Chapel Piano

Thu Mar 31, 2016

Here is yet another photo from inside the Chapel of Memories at Mississippi State University. It's such a beautiful place that I have taken many photographs inside of, however, I wanted to present a...

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Library Chairs

Mon Mar 28, 2016

I went exploring inside the Mitchell Memorial Library on the MSU campus during Spring Break, since I knew there would be very few people there. Luckily I was right, so I just walked around with my...

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Chapel Pews

Sun Mar 27, 2016

I took this photo by placing my tripod on top of the piano located at the front of the chapel. I guess I could've stood on top of the pian for a higher view, but I thought that might be a bit...

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Pond Waterfall

Thu Mar 24, 2016

This little pond is located in front of the Hunter Henry Center on the Mississippi State campus. I never noticed before until the day I took this photo. It looks much more peaceful with the building...

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Colored Glass

Tue Mar 22, 2016

I love the Chapel of Memories at Mississippi State. It is such a peaceful and beautiful place. I also love taking photos there when the sun is beaming through the many stained glass windows. This is...

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Drill Field Flag

Tue Mar 15, 2016

So I will call this past week in my blog, my Mississippi State phase. I have finally gotten around to photographing much of campus and still working on more, so I figured I would showcase it. This is...

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Hunter Henry Center

Mon Mar 14, 2016

I've been doing a lot of photo walking around campus here at Mississippi State lately, which is why you've seen several MSU related photos lately. It's such a nice campus and I'm here 8 hours a day...

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Arched Door

Wed Mar 9, 2016

I've enjoyed getting some more photo around the Mississippi State campus. Lots of cool stuff if you just look around a bit. This is one of the doors to the Perry Cafeteria across from the Student...

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Brick Walkway

Mon Mar 7, 2016

Last Friday, I took off of work a little early and went on a photo walk around the Mississippi State University campus, because it was such a beautiful afternoon. I love opportunities to just take my...

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