Kudzu Valley

Thu Aug 31, 2017

I found this scene across the street from the Natchez Cemetery. Looking out to the river on the horizonn you see nothing but Kudzu, a very familiar sit in Natchez actually, although not this much at...

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Bridge Trails

Mon Aug 28, 2017

This shot is very similar to one I posted a couple of weeks ago here. This one is different because it is only a single...

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Mammy's Cupboard

Sat Aug 26, 2017

I discovered this place on a postcard while visiting Longwood in the gift shop. I quickly discovered where it was located and my wife and I decided to check it out. While we were eating lunch at Fat...

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Above the Cemetery

Fri Aug 25, 2017

This is a shot from the Natchez Cemetery. The land that the cemetery sits on is full of rolling hills, which allowed me to get a nice landscape shot from above the surrounding area, giving a nice...

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Between Two Bridges

Mon Aug 21, 2017

This is the Mississippi River Bridger in Natchez, taken from Louisiana. I had to go to Vidalia, La. to be able to get under the bridge and walk up to the shore of the river. It gave me some great...

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Turning Angel

Sun Aug 20, 2017

This statue is known as the Turning Angel at the Natchez Cemetery, a beautiful memorial to ones who died in an explosion at a pharmacy in downtown Natchez. The owner of the pharmacy had this statue...

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Learned Mausoleum

Mon Aug 14, 2017

Yesterday I had a great gallery opening along with a fellow local artist at the Louise Campbell Arts Center in West Point. Thanks to all who came out to support my work.

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Sunset on the Mississippi

Sat Aug 12, 2017

Here is another sunset I was able to capture on the banks of the Mississippi River with the bridge in the background. Nothing like a good sunset on the water.

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Thu Aug 10, 2017

I am still wading through all of the photos I took during my weekend in Natchez and the surrounding area, so you will start to see some photos from the area outside of Natchez real soon. But I got a...

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Wed Aug 9, 2017

While my wife and I were eating lunch at Fat Mamma's Tamales, we met a couple of locals who told us about an abandoned house in town called "Arlington House" and suggested we go check it out, but...

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