Mississippi in HDR - Ending Soon

Mon Jul 17, 2017

This will be the 896th day in a row that I have posted a photo on Mississippi in HDR. It has been a lot of fun and very challenging, though through that I believe it has forced me to become a better...

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Alley House

Wed Mar 22, 2017

I found this little abandoned building (maybe a house?) in downtown Okolona on one of my visits there. I really found it interesting, because it looked so out of place. I don't know if it was once a...

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Open Door

Mon Feb 27, 2017

Here is another shot from adventure through Okolona College. I love how the light is coming through the door here, inviting you inside.

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Down the Hall

Wed Feb 22, 2017

Here's another black & white edit. This photo is from the abandoned Okolona College in Okolona. This was a fun place to explore and this hallway was super creepy, which of course means it makes...

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Open Door

Wed Jan 11, 2017

I thought you might enjoy another photo from the abandoned Okolona College, which I discovered one day travelling through Okolona. Abandoned places are fun to explore as long as you aren't afraid to...

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Empty Gazeebo

Tue Jan 10, 2017

Here is a shot from Okolona College in Okolona. This place was extremely creepy but fun to explore. The gazeebo was a great part of the old campus, being overgrown slightly with vines and weeds. I...

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School Is In

Fri Aug 5, 2016

Here's another shot from Okolona College in Okolona. The photo I posted the other day was from inside this building. It was a pretty creepy...

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Dirty Room

Wed Aug 3, 2016

As I've travelled around the state and done research on it as well, I've come across several awesome abandoned places. Sometimes I stumble upon them and sometimes I know about them beforehand. This...

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Lonely Street

Sun Jul 24, 2016

I visited Okolona a while back and it was sad to see that many of the buildings downtown were vacant so it gave it quite a lonely feel, but made for some good photos. The building in the foreground...

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A Gazeebo and a Tree

Fri May 27, 2016

Here is another shot of the gazeebo that is still standing at the old abandoned Okolona College. Very cool and eerie place.

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