Farm Road

Wed Feb 10, 2016

Noticed this scene just outside of Pheba in Clay County one day around sunset and since this field sat below the road I was on I was able to get a shot from slight above which allowed me (and now you...

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Farm Puddle

Tue Feb 9, 2016

Don't forget that all of my prints are 25% off until Thursday by using the discount code ONEYEAR, so make sure to take advantage of that. This photo is from a friend's farm at sunset. I love to play...

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Pheba Sunset

Tue Feb 2, 2016

Yesterday I could see that the conditions were promising for a great sunset, so I took a different way home on some backroads through Oktibbeha and Clay county, stopping to take photos along the way...

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Levi - Pheba

Tue Oct 13, 2015

This is Levi. Levi was following me around when I was taking photo out in Pheba last week so I decided to take some photos of him. He's very photogenic don't you think? He was very interested in my...

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Farm at Sunset - Pheba

Mon Oct 12, 2015

I took this photo Friday while we were visiting some friends out in Pheba. I decided to just walk around and photograph the area since it was at sunset. They have a lot of land behind this barn that...

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