Bridge Right

Thu Jul 20, 2017

Tibbee train tracks running over Tibbee Creek at sunset.

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Black & White Schoolhouse

Sat Nov 19, 2016

This is the old shcool house in Tibbee in rural Clay County just off of Highway 45. I love coming across these old buildings that are still standing, they make for great subjects.

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Tibbee Tracks

Mon Oct 24, 2016

You can never go wrong with a stereotypical train tracks shot.

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Control Point

Tue May 3, 2016

I got some great photos from my last stop in Tibbee. Here is another one from the Tibbee Control Point near the train bridge. In this photo, I really played with the lowering the Vibrance, while...

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Tracks Under a Pastel Sky

Fri Apr 29, 2016

Here is another photo from the train tracks in Tibbee. The first one I posted two days ago. I took some more liberties with this photo in my post...

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Horse at Sunset

Thu Apr 28, 2016

Here is another photo from Tibbee. The sunset was gorgeous and the horse was patiently eating some grass while I took several photos. Obviously, I played with the vibrance and saturation on this one...

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The Tracks

Wed Apr 27, 2016

Went out to shoot a sunset the other day and ended up by the tracks near Tibbee Creek, so I got out of the car and walked about a quarter mile down the tracks to get some shots of this old train...

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Tibbee School

Wed Mar 2, 2016

This is an old school building located in Tibbee in southern Clay County close to where Clay, Oktibbeha and Lowndes Counties all meet. I couldn't find much info on the school except that it was built...

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Not On the Right Track

Wed Jan 27, 2016

As I was out shoointg a senior portrait session I stopped to take some photos of the Tibbee train tracks and old trestle that sit across from the old car bridge that is no longer in use. I know...

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Tibbe Bridge

Fri Sep 25, 2015

Glad to see that they have left this really old bridge standing, though it is not in use anymore and they have built a new bridge next to it. I remember going across this bridge a few times growing...

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