Vicksburg Sunset

Mon May 7, 2018

My wife and I took a trip to Texas to see family last Wednesday. On our way back we hit Vicksburg at just the right time to be able to capture this sunset photo over the Mississippi River bridge....

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Do Not Climb Ladder

Fri Oct 20, 2017

I love these old trains that towns still keep around at old train stations or as monuments in their downtown areas. This train sits behind the old Vicksburg train station in downtown Vicksburg next...

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Black and White Bridge

Tue Oct 10, 2017

I took this photo of the Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg with my 50mm Sony lens, which I very rarely use for any type of landscape shot or HDR shot in general, but I wanted to get a more...

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Clay St.

Wed Sep 6, 2017

It was very cloudy on our visit to Vicksburg when I took this photo, but sometimes clouds help the photo by creating some drama and more drama can be created by the use of color or extraction of...

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Between the Bridges

Mon Sep 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is enjoying a day of rest and time with their families. This is a shot from the Miss/La bridge in Vicksburg fromt the welcome center on the Mississippi side. This is...

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R.R. Station

Wed Aug 23, 2017

This is the old train depot in Vicksburg, which sits right next to the Mississippi River. The rain started to set in as I was taking photos here, so it was cut a little short, but I was able to...

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Miss. to La.

Tue Aug 15, 2017

On our way back home from Natchez we made the treck up Hwy. 61, taking lots of stops along the way to take photos. We ended our trip up 61 in Vicksburg, where I had to get a shot of the river bridge...

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