I really though this building was cool when I was walking around the downtown area. It sits in front of the Dr. A.H. McCoy federal building. I'm not sure what this little buildingi s used for as it was empty during my visit there, but I loved the curves of the building which sits in front of a round about, so there were curves going everywhere, which gave me the really clever idea for the name of this blog post.

Had a great time at the Prairie Arts Festival yesterday, and met a few Mississippi artists, two of which are photographers. Always great to meet local photographers and see their work and talk shop a little bit.

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Downtown Building - Jackson

Sat May 30, 2015

This building sits across from the King Edward hotel. Unfortunately, as I was short on time, I didn't get to find out anyting about the building. So please share if you know something about it.

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Building on the Corner
Building on the Corner

Building on the Corner

Fri Sep 1, 2017

I took this photo in downtown Jackson a couple of years ago on a dreary Saturday. Thankfully, is often not the case, there were not power lines in every direction.

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Memorial Statue - Jackson

Thu Aug 13, 2015

I really liked this statue I found near the capitol building.

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