Delta Cotton

Delta Cotton

You can't really think about Mississippi and not think about cotton. It's played a huge role in the history of this state, so when I went I made my trip to the delta last year I made sure to stop and shoot some cotton photos. This was the first photo that I took after going across the river and getting a few pre sunrise shots of the river bridge near Greenville (will post those at some point). Did I mention that I left Columbus at 3:30am to get to the river before sunrise? In October a lot of the cotton has already been gathered so I was glad to see a few full cotton fields during my time there.

This shot is an example of a more subtle HDR technique. Sometimes you can go way over the top with HDR as you will see if you google HDR images (Think HDR on acid). I try, for the most part, to be a little subtle with it, but still make it an obvious HDR image. I thought this image looked better with even more subtlety but still captures a lot of detail in the scene.

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