Purple Lake Reflection

Purple Lake Reflection

I love these soft sunsets where the clouds help create this smooth gradient of light from one color to another and then you have some water to double up those colors with a great reflection with the tree line breaking them up. It's not everyday that I get to photograph a good sunset so I love it when I'm out shooting and a get a really good one.

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Fishin' On the Pier
Fishin' On the Pier

Fishin' On the Pier

Sat Feb 18, 2017

Here is a photo that I took almost 3 years ago at the Columbus Lock & Dam. I really like that I caught the birds flying by in the "Flying V" formation (Mighty Ducks anyone?).

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Black & White Can Make Better

Thu Feb 25, 2016

This is a photo from downtown Columbus in front of the Episcopal church.

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Backhoe at Sunset

Wed Feb 25, 2015

The snow is currently falling outside of my house here in Columbus as I type this! Hopefully it will stick and I can take my first HDR snow photos (Finger crossed).

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