St. Andrews

St. Andrews

This is St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in downtown Jackson, right across the street from the Governor's Mansion. This is such a beautiful church building and I bet the inside is just as beautiful. The background building is, I believe called the Lamar Life Insurance building (correct me if I'm wrong). As much as I photograph places, I don't always take the time to recognize the names of places like this, however, I do tend to learn a lot about them afterwards from other people or from my own research that I do when I think I should know more about it.

I have really grown to like this Low Vibrance type of photo editing that I have developed over time. As you probably know if you have seen a lot of my work, I am a fan of post-processing, and I love to experiment with it. I love how you can create mood with colors. I almost always save every edit I make as a preset in LightRoom that I can go back and try on other photos and the one I used on this one is one that I keep coming back to over and over again as a base foundation. I really love how it mutes the colors a bit, but still allows you to see what the color really is, while adding some drama to the photo. I think it works well on this one because of the cloudy skies and how it adds a lot of that drama to the sky. One of the things that draws me to photography is the opportunity to continue to create even after taking the photo and turn it into something that I want to see or into what I saw with my mind as I took the photo.

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